Private Instruction is...












• Skillful and fun instruction available for voice, violin, violapiano, guitar, ukulele, and winds.


• Teaching children that their instrument is a vehicle for expression and joy.

• Supporting the idea that an instrument is to be played and explored, not just used for performance.



  • $30 per 30 minute lesson
  • Sign up any time
  • Recommended starting age 6 - 7 years old for piano, voice and winds
  • We also teach adults!
Please call the office at 801-463-9067 for availability. 



Private Lesson Payment and Cancellation Policy:

Private lessons days and times are held for you when paid at the beggining of each month.

Lessons may be early cancelled up to 12 hours prior to the lesson start time. Please note that you may schedule one make-up lesson every two months.  






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