Imagination Workshop™

Discover & Celebrate the Power of Creativity Through the Visual & Performing Arts











All of our Imagination Workshops are designed to cultivate four important basic life skills:


-Focus - Communication - Centering Emotions - Flexibility of Mind and Body


We use performing and visual arts as a catalyst for learning these skills and feature a variety of activities to stimulate creativity, brain development, physical fitness, and musical ability.

These activities may include:

Adventure Dance - Using great children’s literature as a springboard to explore movement and dance, this technique invites the child to become an active role in the story. 


Antigravity® Fitness Just Kids – Students will swing, spin, jump, and fly as they discover the fun of exercise.

  • Building self-confidence
  • Improve core-strength and balance 
  • Promote gentle stretching

Art - The exploration self-expression using a variety of mediums to create a visual product. 


Code of Honor - A set of guidelines to inspire each child to be his or her best self. The basics of the Imagination Workshop code of honor are as follows:

  • Courage
  • Patience
  • Good Manners, following directions
  • Honesty and Fairness
  • Wisdom
  • Sing and Play Instruments
  • Dance  
  • Play Games
  • Paint, draw and color
  • Freely create and Express Imagination

These basics stay consistent from camp to camp however the attributes describing the code follow the theme of each individual camp. For example, in Royal Soiree camp we are “courageous as a knight” and in Animal Kingdom camp we are “courageous as a lion”.

“Ignite the Brain” - Different activities designed to fire up both hemispheres of the brain and help them communicate with ease. This leads to clear thought and action.

My Favorite Things – This Imagination Workshop activity gives each child the opportunity to practice his or her life skills by identifying and communicating the activity or experience, which was most meaningful that day. This daily ritual also becomes a journal art project that represents the theme of the camp. Simply put, the instructor asks the child, “What was your favorite part of Imagination Workshop today?” Child answers.

Musical Games – An introduction to basic music theory using rhythmic and tonal activities that will jump-start any beginning musician.

Theatre Games - Instructors use a variety of playful vocal exercises to stimulate vocal projection, self-expression, and self-confidence. Children will learn to listen, focus, trust, play, and applaud one another while building a respectful theatre community.

Yoga  A mind body technique that utilizes the practice of awareness to focus ones attention on overall health and fitness. This is carried out through simple imagination exercises, breathing, and the use of specific body postures.

These are Drop off 90 minutes classes, mixed ages 3.5 - 5 yrs old  (Ages 3.5 - 9 for Summer Camps)

Note to Parents:

1. Potty Trained:
Your child needs to be potty trained for this workshop.  We understand accidents happen as well as art projects tend to be messy. Please make sure you provide a change of clothes in a plastic bag labeled with your child’s name.  We will store and then return to you on the last day of class.
We will not be providing food or snacks during this workshop, please make sure your child has eaten before they arrival.
Drop off begins at 12:45 pm, please make sure to sign your child in.
Sing-a-long begins at 1:00 pm sharp.  Please be prompt so we may all start together.
Note: Some children need more time to transition into the class atmosphere than others which is why we begin drop off at 12:45 pm. 
4.Pick-up Procedure:
Pick up is 2:30pm, please make sure to sign your child out. 
Please be on time; it can be distressing to your child to wait after a class.
*Inform us of any carpools or other persons picking up your child.



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