About Us

Our Mission...

Celebrating 20 years as a music and movement education center, Imagination Place is passionately committed to providing both children and adults with affordable, fun, and playful music, movement, fitness, and creative experiences through our gold-standard programs delivered by certified, skillful, and talented teachers.

Our mission is to educate, strengthen, and help create healthy relationships between families and communities through the use of the performing and visual arts.

Our Goal...

Our goal is to secure excellent teachers, materials, and fun, developmentally-appropriate classes for all learning styles and abilities. We strive to reach as many families and communities as possible with the hope of bringing harmony into our homes, therefore, our lives.

We believe it should be every child's birthright to speak the language of music--including dance or movement within a broader definition of the musical arts.

Our Roots... `

Imagination Place, home of AntiGravity® Fitness and Music Together® in Salt Lake City, is the realization of a fantastical dream and the fruition of decades of work by Darlene Casanova. Darlene, Imagination Place Owner/ Director and AntiGravity® Fitness Master Instructor Trainer, reflects all the vibrancy, energy, and drama of her native New Orleans. She has offered, throughout her profession as mentor and performer, the inherent joy of movement and imagination through music and dance. Via her thorough preparation in an arts and performance high school, her musical theater degree at the University of Utah, and finally her MFA in choreography at New York University TISCH School of the Arts, she delights in sharing her passions fully and professionally. So when her long-time friend and fellow child-at-heart, Christopher Harrison, creator of AntiGravity®, proposed launching his cutting edge AntiGravity® Fitness program in Salt Lake City, Imagination Place was his obvious choice. Darlene is the embodiment of all that we are naturally drawn to in relation to music and motion. She is passionately committed to providing affordable and playful music, movement, and artistic experiences to children and adults alike … including the instruments, inspiration, hammocks, and laughter to make those experiences lasting and memorable. 

The Salt Lake Valley and the Wasatch Front has benefited from her goal to secure excellent teachers, engaging materials, and fun, developmentally-appropriate classes for all learning styles and abilities. The nucleus of creativity is the Imagination Place studio located at 1155 East 3300 South, in Brickyard Plaza, Salt Lake City. Darlene has positively impacted scores of families with her mission to create healthy relationships amongst families and communities, using the performing and visual arts to educate and strengthen the ties that bond us.

Each day, Darlene works to provide every child his or her birthright, whether that child is months old, or centuries old, to speak the language of music, to move in rhythm with his or her unique heartfelt dance, to abide in that joyful space of unbridled personal expression of the musical and performing arts…Imagination Place!





Imagination Place is located at:
1155 East 3300 South (in the Brickyard Plaza)
Salt Lake City Utah, 84106
(801) 463-9067

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