Family Rewards Referral Program



Did you know Imagination Place offers Family Referral Rewards?


We *love* sharing music with families, and we *love* when families share Music Together® with others! As a way to say thank you, we are offering Family Rewards!


Music Together® returning families will receive a $15 credit on a future MT Class registration when a new family referred by you registers for a Music Together class session (there is no limit to the number of new families you can refer and $15 credits you can receive!). More children and families get to experience the joy of Music Together® and everyone wins!


Please note, this discount is not available when families register online, only when they call and register through the office at 801-463-9067 or in person. Online registrations will be given a credit on their account to be used towards another Music Together session. These credits do not expire. 



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